Our Company & Commitment

Our Company

We are a company committed to quality and changing the world in the process.

As an organic marketplace, we strive to meet the highest quality standards in the process of manufacturing and delivery of all of our products. Our modern processing facility is in the heart of Sri Lanka and strives to meet the highest possible production standards.

Our products include organic juices, flours, coconut oils, and other natural products.

By purchasing Nature’s Goodness products, you are helping us support Sri Lanka’s “Foundation for Goodness”. This non-profit organization supports rural communities being independent and it empowers them to have equal opportunities to excel in life.

The foundation has a vision to create a community model that will encourage other regions to support disadvantaged communities over the world.

Join our health conscious community, and help us contribute to a great cause by purchasing some high quality, natural products.

Our Commitment to Quality

Nature’s Goodness is an organic marketplace with modern processing facilities in Sri Lanka that conform to rigorous international standards. Our delicious and healthy products are made out of organic and natural ingredients.

Our company strives to offer the highest quality organic products on the market. Our products are produced under strict conditions with commitment and passion.

The Nature’s Goodness Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes with the highest quality standards. The product is KBLD Kosher and USDA certified.

We’re maximizing our manufacturing power and capabilities with a purpose to conform to the highest international quality requirements and standards.

Our products fulfill the following requirements:

  • (EC) No. 834/2007
  • (EC) No. 889/2008
  • HACCP based Food Safety Systems