Our Process

From the heart of nature, straight to your door!

Many of our products don’t have to travel a long way to our modern production facilities. We work with local merchants and farmers to get the freshest organic ingredients and products, ensure they are high quality, and ship them right to your door.

How is our coconut oil made?

Extra virgin coconut oil is produced from coconuts organically grown and harvested from our own plantations and is processed and expelled under 104 degrees F (Cold Pressed).

Each matured coconut is first husked, shelled and the white kernel separated by removing the brown outer layer/skin. This white kernel is washed twice over and then cut into small strips using special stainless steel blades.

These cuttings are then placed on trays (6.6 LB on a tray) and stacked into the dryers and heated for 3 hours at a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, they are placed on drying tables before putting into the expellers using cold pressed technology.

Once the oil is extracted, it is sent into sedimentation tanks for 24 – 48 hours to ensure oil is free of any sediments and then filtered.

After the filtering process, the oil is sent into a holding tank, which in turn gets pumped into a stock tank and is ready for filling into jars and packing into cartons.

Nature’s Goodness Organic Coconut Oil is a fantastic replacement for any other cooking oil and also can be used as a body moisturizer as well as a hair care product.

It comes in 3 sizes 16.9 oz, 23.3 oz & 33.8 oz.